How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Freezing Up Problem

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09 Jun, 2023 · 59 min read

It is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their financial records, track expenses, generate invoices, and perform other essential accounting tasks. Installing the QuickBooks software is very easy.

QuickBooks offers a range of features and tools that streamline financial management processes, making it easier for businesses to stay organized and make informed financial decisions.

Although it is designed the lessening the workload, but time to time users face some glitches with it. QuickBooks Desktop Freezing Up Problem is one such issue.

This essentially indicates that the software experiences a period of unresponsiveness, during which it fails to process any commands. Instead, it generates a new window that operates in the background, without being visible on the screen. Consequently, when the user attempts to close the software, the window remains open, resulting in the software becoming frozen.

In this write-up, we are going to talk about this very issue and the solutions to eradicate the problem. So, keep reading the article.

quickbooks error code 1903
quickbooks error code 1903

Possible Causes for the QuickBooks Desktop Freezing Up

If the issue arises, then there are some reasons that instigate the issue. Let’s have a look at these possible reasons.

  1. One of the fundamental causes of this problem may be an outdated version of Windows.
  2. If the PDF and preference files are damaged, the user may also encounter this problem.
  3. Additionally, if the firm name is too long, you could make this mistake.
  4. A broken Windows operating system or a missing QBWUSER.INI file are further potential causes.
  5. Furthermore, if the file prevents the user from operating the window, such an error will be visible.
  6. Similar problems may arise if you have programs operating in the background.

Some symptoms that your system shows are the QuickBooks freezing issue

  1. There are times when your QuickBooks works slowly or freezes. It can also be a symptom of your QuickBooks issue.
  2. If your system is slow down or freezes, then it is an indication of the issue.
  3. Start facing difficulties in QuickBooks operations.

Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Desktop Freezing Up Problem

Solution 1: Task Manager to close QB-related programs

  1. You must navigate to the task manager.
  2. And then select Ctrl + Alt + Delete to complete this process.
  3. You need to select any QuickBooks program that is currently open and starts with the letters QuickBooks or Intuit.
  4. To finish the procedure, click on end task now.
  5. Finally, quit the task manager and restart the program to see if the fault is fixed.

Solution 2: Rebuild the Data tool

  1. Begin by opening the file menu and moving to the utility tab.
  2. In the next step, choose the rebuild data option.
  3. Select the QuickBooks information window and hit the Okay tab.
  4. Continue with the onscreen instructions to safeguard a backup.
  5. You are required to wait till it repairs the file.
  6. If your mouse is working, it shows that your tool is working.
  7. Click ok to proceed further.
  8. Go to the file menu and choose the utility tab.
  9. You are required to choose the verify data option.
  10. Now, the tool will check the file for the data issues.
  11. If no issue is found, select Ok.
  12. But, if the issues are detected, you need to click on the rebuild now tab.

Solution 3: Use the QuickBooks refresher tool

To address issues with QuickBooks freezing or becoming unresponsive, you can use the QuickBooks Refresher Tool. The QuickBooks Refresher Tool is a diagnostic tool provided by Intuit that helps resolve common performance-related problems. Here's how you can use it:

  1. Close QuickBooks: Make sure you close QuickBooks and any related processes before running the QuickBooks Refresher Tool.
  2. Download the tool: Visit the official Intuit website or support page to download the QuickBooks Refresher Tool. Ensure you download the latest version compatible with your QuickBooks version.
  3. Run the tool: Locate the downloaded file and double-click on it to run the QuickBooks Refresher Tool.
  4. Wait for the tool to complete: The tool will automatically scan and diagnose any issues with QuickBooks. Restart QuickBooks: After the tool finishes its work, restart your computer and then reopen QuickBooks.
  5. Check for improvements: Launch QuickBooks and check if the freezing or unresponsiveness issue persists. Hopefully, the QuickBooks Refresher Tool would have resolved the problem.

Solution 4: Uninstall the QuickBooks desktop software

You can also resolve the issue by uninstalling the QuickBooks desktop software. To do so, you need to go to the Programs and Features option in your system. And from there, you can uninstall the QuickBooks desktop software.

Solution 5: Clear Cache and Cookies

Another easy way to fix your QuickBooks issue is to clear the cache and cookies.


This part comes to a close with the hope that the advice provided above would be useful in resolving the frozen error in QuickBooks. On the other hand, if you are having trouble fixing the error or if you keep encountering the same error despite following the above instructions, we advise you to get in touch with the QuickBooks support number. QuickBooks helpline number will help you to reach the professionals.

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