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08 Jun, 2023 · 59 min read

AOL mail is a truly reliable and trustworthy mail service. AOL Mail is a popular choice among many users for their email services. AOL has various excellent features and functions like spelling checking, spam protection, and many more. Its service is highly preferred by the users. But a user still confronts some issue with the AOL mail.

AOL Mail is not Receiving Emails is one of the frequent issues occur with the AOL Email. As you know, problem occurs because of some reasons behind it.

Well, here we will offer you the reasons as well as solutions to eradicate AOL Mail is not Receiving Emails issue.

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Reasons for the AOL Mail is not Receiving Emails issue

  1. Due to network connection: Your poor network connection leads to various issues in which AOL Mail is not Receiving Emails issue.
  2. Mail Server also causes the AOL Mail is not Receiving Emails issue.
  3. A lot of times your emails are directed to the spam folder instead of the inbox.
  4. There are times when the issue is with your server, and it also affects your AOL mail.
  5. Outdated Web Browser
  6. Incorrect email address

Solutions to fix AOL Mail is not Receiving Emails issue.

However, there are instances when signing into your account may not result in receiving new emails, causing inconvenience.

Solution 1: Server settings

Numerous users face difficulties in receiving new emails due to incorrect server settings. It is possible that your server settings are not configured correctly. Therefore, it is advisable to check the server settings and, if any discrepancies are found, reconfigure them accordingly.

Solution 2: Filter

There are times, when a user is not able to receive emails. In Sometimes, users may encounter difficulties in receiving emails. In such cases, it is necessary to examine the filter settings. . To address this issue, you can take a few steps. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Begin by logging into your AOL mail account.
  2. Proceed to the settings option.
  3. Within the settings, locate and select the filter settings.
  4. Next, review the account settings.
  5. If any filters are identified, delete them.
  6. Finally, verify if you are able to receive emails successfully.

Solution 3: AOL Server

There are times when AOL server is temporarily down. So, you must check the AOL server.

Solution 4: Check Browser

Sometimes, problem arises because of the cookies of your current browser. So, try to sign into your account from another browser and check your inbox. If you are able to see your emails, then the issue is because of the cookies in your browser. So, clear the cookies from your browser. And then, check the issue.

Solution 5: Blocked Emails

The user should proceed to check the block settings. It is possible that new emails from certain senders may have been blocked. Therefore, it is important to review the Block settings.

Solution 6: Check your spam folder

Start by checking your spam or junk folder. So, check your Junk or Spam folder if your message is not in your inbox.

Solution 7: Verify your internet connection

Although it may appear to be a simple step, it is crucial for users to be aware that checking their internet connection is one of the important troubleshooting measures when encountering aol mail not working. Users should ensure that their internet connection is both stable and fast, as optimal performance relies on a reliable and high-speed internet connection.

Solutions 8: AOL Mail not receiving emails on iphone

You need to reinstall or Update the AOL App to the Latest Version

A user must aware of the fact that for the better performance of any application, updating an application is a must. So, if you are encountering aol mail not working on an iphone issue, then you are requested to update the AOL app. The steps are given to you.

  1. To begin, open the App Store on your iPhone.
  2. Look for the AOL app.
  3. Press the “Update” button.

To reinstall the AOL app, follow the mentioned steps.

  1. 1. Firstly, long tap on the AOL app.
  2. 2. In the next step, press the “X” in the corner.
  3. 3. Now, go back to the App Store.
  4. 4. Lastly, you need to download and reinstall the app.


We wish that through this article you get to know some of the troubleshooting steps by which you can fix AOL mail issues. In case you are stuck in between, then you can have the assistance that helps you to solve this kind of issue in your AOL mail.

Here the technical experts will help the users through a step-by-step procedure to fix the AOL mail issues. So, feel free to contact the experts and enjoy your AOL mail service without any issue.

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